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NYC Is Full of What? Clowns

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Updated 8:46 AM CDT, Wed, May 03,2017

NYC is definitely full of a lot of things, but clowns? That's right and Clowning Around Tours are putting their red noses to the grindstone to prove it with the zaniest clown based walking tours to ever hit the Big Apple!

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2017 -- A lot of people feel that the hustle and bustle of living in NYC is sort of like juggling five things at once under the roof of a big top three ring circus -- now hold that thought! A totally unique interactive clowning around experience is now taking New York's topsy-turvy energy on the road and it's called Clowning Around Tours.

In fact, Clowning Around Tours is unlike any typical walking tour, it's more like a show where the participants don't merely tag along but actually become part of the action. And now this amazing tour is juggling its way into some of New York's most iconic landmarks that includes Central Park, , Grand Central Terminal and even the old World's Fair grounds at Flushing Meadows Park.

And leading this zany adventure through NYC are Clowning Around Tours own ringmasters (aka Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew), who are taking their troupes of participants on a fun packed truly hands-on experience affording them the opportunity to release their inner clown as they discover all sorts of clowning around routines from balloon antics, miming to even juggling.

"People really get a kick out of actually becoming a troupe member in a real hands on clowning experience where they discover everything from juggling to sword play...well balloon sword play to all sorts of hilarious clown routines, all within the greatest three ring circus in the country...New York City," says Dr. Pete.

Furthermore, beyond the usual scope of most ordinary tours, Clowning Around Tours has incorporated audio visual technology which adds a whole new dimension of entertainment for their guests. Through the employment of films, photos and audio recordings, people are virtually transported back in time on a historical adventure that could only be told by a couple of well-rounded clowns.

"It's a real blast from the past when we mix the amazing history of some of NYC's most famous locations like Rockefeller Center or Central Park with a whole battery of fun interactive clowning literally makes the history come a clowning around sense," says Dr. Stew.

So if one wants to juggle the excitement, amusement and history of NYC with a bushel of clowning excitement, then join the show with Clowning Around Tours -- they know how to make history come a clowning around funtastic way!

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Clowning Around Tours ( is New York's only hands-on interactive clown tour that allows participants to unleash their inner clown in some of NYC's most iconic locations. Their clown tours are open to public private and corporate events.

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