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NYC Grand Central Terminal -- Lights, Cameras, Action & Ghost Hunting

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Updated 7:39 AM CDT, Thu, March 30,2017

Housed high above the main waiting hall of NYC's Grand Central Terminal lies the specter of the old CBS Studios -- could some ghostly spirits still be watching the evening news? Maybe so says New York's own Ghost Doctors.

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2017 -- Not many people may remember back in 1963 the start of Walter Cronkite's revolutionary 30 minute evening news broadcast and even fewer people may know that the CBS news dept. and studios were once nestled above Vanderbilt Hall -- the former main waiting hall of NYC's Grand Central Terminal.

In fact, the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew ) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides whose sought after ghost hunting tours of Grand Central have given New Yorkers a chance to participate in a real paranormal experience right in the heart of this iconic terminal. Moreover, these paranormal trail blazers are more than aware of the old CBS television studio's former digs both from a historical and paranormal perspective.

"Back in the day, Vanderbilt Hall was the main waiting area for Grand Central Terminal. It was an extremely luxurious place with lounges for both men and women," says Dr. Pete. "Above the hall initially existed a ballroom and then later it morphed to become CBS studios where famed reporter Walter Cronkite recounted the evening news...from the world's most pressing events to that historic interview with President Kennedy."

Moreover, on a past outing after conducting a crash course in the basics of ghost hunting 101, which included the use of a whole myriad of ghost hunting equipment, the Ghost Doctors led a group of amateur ghost hunters through a variety of known as well as obscure locations in Grand Central. But when their exploration took them to Vanderbilt Hall the Ghost Doctors and their group of thrill seekers unearthed some strange goings-on in the former waiting hall.

"Not long ago, we led a ghost hunting group through this hall and some weird happenings occurred. Brand new batteries were completely drained from a participants camera for no apparent reason. This is a classic occurrence which sometimes occurs during a ghost hunting outing," says Dr. Stew. "At the same time we also registered some unusual readings on our equipment in the same area where this incident occurred."

Furthermore, according to the Ghost Doctors, the combination of Grand Central Terminal's illustrious past as well as the millions who have traveled these halls, platforms and tracks have created the perfect environment for some exciting ghostly paranormal activity.

"What makes exploring this unique terminal so amazing, is that signs of paranormal activity can occur anywhere, anytime, anyplace when you least expect it, or as Walter Cronkite would say -- And That's The Way It Is," says Dr. Pete.

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