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NYC American Museum of Natural History and the Ghost Hunting Detectives

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Updated 11:13 AM CDT, Tue, May 23,2017

Paranormal Activity is afoot in NYC's American Museum of Natural History and two of New York's own paranormal sleuths are on the the case!

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2017 -- Sherlock Holmes has often said when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth. But what happens if the improbable happens to be...paranormal? Well according to the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides the paranormal may just be possible especially behind the walls of the American Museum of Natural History.

In fact, for those individuals who are daring enough to experience a real paranormal investigation the Ghost Doctors will lead those adventurous amateur ghost hunters through the winding hallways and galleries of the American Museum of Natural History akin to a group of supernatural detectives. After receiving a crash course in the fundamentals of ghost hunting which will include the proper use of a variety of different ghost hunting tools of the trade, the Ghost Doctors and their groups of rookie paranormal investigators will set out to explore the ethereal side of the AMNH.

Moreover, when it comes to unlocking the American Museum of Natural History's paranormal essence, the Ghost Doctors are more than up to the task. These two ghost hunters have been investigating the AMNH for signs of ghostly activity -- sort of like a paranormal Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson -- in their quest to find its spirited inhabitants.

"Besides having one of the largest museum collections in the world amounting to well over 30 million specimens...from tiny critters to massive dinosaurs, the AMNH has been in operation since 1877 which sets the stage for possible encounters of unworldly visitations by some action seeking spirits," says Dr. Pete.

The Ghost Doctors say every time they set out on a new ghost hunt they never know what to expect. And if members of their groups discover something strange and at times unexplainable, especially in a place as large, diverse and historic as the American Museum of Natural History, it just adds to the excitement.

"It's sort of like fishing, with the right equipment, expertise and a bit of luck it can almost be ...elementary when trying to catch a glimpse of the paranormal," says Dr. Stew.

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Ghost Doctors (, based in New York City, is the premier ghost hunting tour in NYC that actually allows participants to experience "real" ghost hunts. Their ghosts hunts are available to public private and corporate events.

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