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Blue Hippo Launches Magnetic Insert Tables to Grab People's Attention in the Most Unassuming Place

LogoWith a "what will they think of next" concept, Blue Hippo announces the launch of their patented Magnetic Insert Furniture products as the newest idea in interchangeable marketing. Think, impulse buy advertising 2.0! By marrying utility with convenience, restaurants, bars, resorts and casinos benefit from effective messaging designed to draw attention and entice guests to order more. Enter the Magnetic Insert Table, as an audacious answer to the humdrum menu delivered by service staff. With the use of impactful interchangeable magnetic inserts, tabletops are transformed to showcase anything desired. Current table owners are raving about the immediate response from customers and uptick in sales from day one. Ready to Help Travelers Avoiding Traffic Jams at Logan International Airport

LogoOn Air Parking has announced it increased its inventory of parking deals offered for Logan International Airport as a response to the upgrades being done at the airport. Now more travelers can purchase a parking deal for BOS starting at $9.99 a day and park at a licensed, five-star facility ten minutes away from the airport. After leaving their vehicles, travelers may ride the Blue Line T to the airport, avoiding traffic jams. This Week's Cheap Airport Parking Deal List (Aug 19-25 2019)

LogoStart paying less for airport parking. San Francisco-based startup On Air Parking brings travelers cheap airport parking deals that are suitable for long-term parking.

Kathy Nesbit Vacations, Inc. Is a Trusted Provider of Quality Fort Myers Beach Condo Rentals

LogoKnown for its magnificent beauty and serenity, Fort Myers Beach attracts thousands of visitors every year. For those who desire to experience a comfortable and relaxing stay besides witnessing the beauty, Kathy Nesbit Vacations Inc. turns out to be the best available option. The company dedicates its resources to offer a wide range of lavish apartments and condominiums to visitors at Fort Myers Beach. It has been over forty years that Kathy Nesbit Vacations Inc. is providing visitors with relaxing vacation spots and thus, allowing them to enjoy their time while witnessing the spectacular views around. Launches Cheap Newark Airport Parking with New Partner for Only $8.99/Day

LogoThere is now more incentive for travelers to park at off-airport garages near Newark Liberty International Airport. On Air Parking has confirmed it has launched a new cheap parking deal priced at $8.99 per day with a new partner for EWR.

This Week's Cheap Airport Parking Deal List (August 12-19 2019)

LogoTravelers can now pay less for parking in more airports. San Francisco-based startup On Air Parking announced it will continue to launch cheap airport parking deals across the country. Its last launch was for the Tampa International Airport for $4.99/day.

Fab Andaman Offers Lucrative Travel Packages for Tourists

LogoFounded by Mr. Krishna Kant Agarwal in the year 2017, Fab Andaman is Andaman's premier travel agency. After living in breathtaking Andaman and Nicobar Islands for over two decades, he realized that the islands required a travel agency that could offer life-changing experiences to visitors while showcasing the true beauty and culture of the islands. Fab Andaman has been offering a variety of painstakingly created travel packages ideal for individuals, groups, families and couples ever since its inception. The company believes that it is responsible for making trips of its customers to Andaman and Nicobar Islands fabulous.

Paradise Tours Offers Holiday Destinations in Queensland's Gold Coast

LogoParadise Tours provides small group of people tours throughout the Gold Coast mountains in Queensland Australia with a personal approach and a focused outlook on the guests. The company's offices operate on Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM. Paradise Tours works with a Guest Orientated ideology; the company offers hotel pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as providing food throughout the day so that the visit to Gold Coast can be enjoyed in a hassle-free manner. Paradise Tours also organizes places for the visitors to stay, from the best 5-star to more budget-conscious hotels catering to every need of their valued guests.

Groovey Bites, Poulsbo's Celebrated Restaurant Celebrates Women's Equality Month

Groovey Bites is a distinguished restaurant that is not just known for its ambience but for its mouth-watering food. As the Women's Equality Day is fast approaching on 26th August, the restaurant has decided to commemorate this special day for the entire month. They are pleased to announce a special discount of 20% for women for the month of August to honor the Women's Equality Month. Women are the pillars of society and although their contributions cannot be quantified with any material gifts, this is just a small token of gratitude to help these women celebrate their womanhood and enjoy a good meal with their loved ones gathered along with them.

Kathy Nesbit Vacations, Inc. Provides the Best Fort Myers Beach Condo Rental Options

LogoPristine and stunning Fort Myers Beach attracts swarms of visitors each year, which include individuals, couples, groups, and families. To make their stay thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying, many people count on Kathy Nesbit Vacations, Inc. It is a distinguished provider of holiday rentals, representing the best vacation rental properties on Fort Myers Beach for over 40 years. Due to its capability to arrange amazing yet reasonably priced holiday rentals, Kathy Nesbit Vacations, Inc. serves as an incredible option for visitors desirous to book lavish condos and apartments at Fort Myers Beach.

Enjoy a Deep Sea Fishing Trip During Miami Spice

LogoMiami Spice is an annual event where hundreds of South Florida restaurants offer customers a three-course, fixed-price brunch and lunch menu for just $23 a person or dinner for $39. Each participating restaurant is free to offer lunch, dinner, or both. There may also be restaurants that choose to participate in Miami Spice only during weekdays.

Florida Beach Weddings and Beach Wedding Packages Make Destination Weddings an Affordable Option

LogoWith so many expenses tied to getting married, locking down a ceremony and a venue is a critical part of staying within a budget. Traditional weddings have been steadily increasing in price and often the venues have to be reserved many months, or even years, in advance. One increasingly popular alternative for modern couples is a beach wedding. This need not exclude family and friends as the wedding party travels together and stays near each other for a weekend or an extended holiday. There are quaint beach cottages to stay in or even the ultimate opportunity to stay together and celebrate together in a beach house wedding where the beach house becomes the wedding venue and the reception venue. Suncoast Weddings, premier wedding planners on the west coast of Florida, are able to recommend local florists, make-up artists, cake bakers, caterers, DJs, and other vendors who can provide their services to make a dream wedding day come together. Suncoast Weddings can help coordinate the services and are able to offer beach wedding packages which combine elements of a beach wedding service into an affordable and easy to understand framework. From sunrise services followed by a breakfast or brunch, to sunset services to be followed by a banquet and dancing at a reception, the alternatives appeal to couples looking for a picture-perfect setting and a romantic yet budget-friendly ceremony. The west coast of Florida is famous for spectacular golden sunsets and for those looking for sunset portraits on their wedding day, a ceremony start-time of about one hour before the sunset is recommended. That gives plenty of time for a relaxed service, group portraits, and then photography of the happy couple in the 'golden hour' as the sun sinks below the horizon on the Gulf of Mexico.

Yonder Introduces Exciting Itineraries for Malaysia

LogoA luxury travel company providing tailor-made holiday packages, Yonder has introduced cool and exciting itineraries for Malaysia. Tailored to meet every traveller's needs, the tour will allow them to experience the local culture and cuisines of Malaysia. Their holiday packages include: Launches Cheap Tampa Airport Parking for Only $4.99/Day

LogoOn Air Parking isn't done yet saving travelers from expensive on-airport parking. The San Francisco-based startup recently announced it has launched its popular cheap airport parking deals for the Tampa International Airport. With an introductory price of only $4.99 a day, the parking deals are seen to help travelers book long-term parking without breaking the bank.

Celebrate the Cricket World Cup with Cricket Tours from Burleigh Travel

Following a dramatic and victorious end to the Cricket World Cup, with England narrowly beating New Zealand in what is now possibly the most talked about cricket match ever, Burleigh Travel are now celebrating in style, offering a range of cricket tours that is greater than ever before!

Burleigh Travel: Junior Football Tours to Center Parcs Le Lac D'ailettes

Burleigh Travel, a sports tour provider renowned for their immense junior sports tours, are now taking bookings for junior football tours to Center Parcs Le Lac D'ailette, providing junior teams across the country with the chance to be involved in exciting European football tours at affordable prices.

This Week's Cheap Airport Parking Deal List

LogoIt's a good time to be a traveler. This is what San Francisco-based startup On Air Parking wants travelers to feel once they purchase a cheap parking deal. With airports raising their parking fees, On Air Parking has given travelers a new way to save money.

Jaco Royale Offers Fun-Filled Costa Rica Adventure Packages

Jaco Royale is dedicated to providing hospitality services to tourists in Costa Rica, especially in Jaco. The service provider offers a luxurious experience of the destination to its guests who may like to go for sensational bachelor parties or legendary nightlife experiences in Jaco. Led by a team who love adrenaline-fueled adventures, Jaco Royale organizes exciting custom tours and activities like fishing and golfing. The service provider also takes its guests for energizing ATV rides, gravity-defying zip-lining, fast and furious surfing, and rafting.

Off Airport Parking Offers More Convenience Than Rideshare Pickups at Denver International Airport (DIA)

LogoOn Air Parking is helping the parking industry compete against Uber and Lyft. With the Denver International Airport's recent location change for rideshare pickups, the parking deals site's CEO sees an opportunity to win over travelers with its cheap off airport parking deals that come with a free shuttle ride to and back from DIA.

Florida Beach Weddings and Beach Wedding Packages Appeal to Destination Wedding Brides and Grooms

LogoBeach weddings in Florida can be tailored to each unique couple so they can range from subtle to vibrant, and intimate to extravagant. For couples looking at eloping in Florida, a quiet and secluded beach may be the preferred location, a narrow beach where the vows can be spoken near to the backdrop of quaint sea oats on one side and the lapping waves on the other. For weddings where there are many guests, this narrow stretch of beach is no longer the best option as the seating arrangements need to be considered. For some of these larger weddings, not only does the width of the beach need to be a factor, but perhaps also the accessibility of the ceremony site. One easy way to make the aisle more accessible is to set up the ceremony near to boardwalk access. This provides easy access for mobility aids and also a picture-perfect entrance for the bride-to-be.

Heythrop Park Resort Now Offering Midweek Summer Deal with Second Night for Free

Heythrop Park Resort is one of the leading resort hotels and venues in Oxfordshire, with its stunning accommodations, beautiful surroundings, and luxurious modern amenities as well as fantastic dining and entertainment facilities. Today, the resort is happy to confirm its midweek summer offer for guests opting for a two-night stay, with the second stay entirely for free.

Cheap off Airport Parking Deals Up for Grabs: Save More with a Summer Coupon

LogoNever overpay for airport parking ever again. On Air Parking believes it's making this summer season memorable for its travelers through its cheap parking deals. The San Francisco-based startup has maintained many of its low rates despite the spike in demand during these summer months.

Jaco Royale Offering All-Inclusive Packages in Costa Rica

Jaco Royale is redefining the party and nightlife in Costa Rica to everyone that wants to have the thrills that the country holds without any limitations. True to their name, the company has developed an extensive line of service packages which allow their clients to have an unforgettable royal experience as they make each party and activity one that lasts a lifetime. The team behind Jaco Royale is passionate about their duties, which they complement with their easy to go and fun-loving nature that adds immense value to their top of the line solutions. Announces Free Walking Tours in Bergen for Tourists has confirmed that it is now offering free walking tours in the popular Norwegian city of Bergen. The company says that the free tours are geared towards tourists in the city who want to take in the splendid beauty of what Bergen has to offer.

Get Wedding Transportation from Exclusive Taxi

While the months leading up to a wedding are a time of great joy and anticipation, they aren't necessarily the most relaxing time. There are so many things to consider and plan for, and so many factors that can lead to stress and anxiety, that one might be tempted to just elope and get it over and done with.