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Best European River Cruises Shares Savvy Ways to Compare European River Cruises Inside Their Free Travel Report "How to Have the River Cruise of a Lifetime"

The dedicated travel agency, Best European River Cruises takes pride in helping to match the right river cruise to the traveler with a hands-on approach. Their new free report will help travelers make the best cruise choice for their budget, expectations and needs.

Wholesale Miles, Inc. Offers American Airlines Miles at Reduced Prices

For frequent travellers, getting airline miles may be a long term solution for helping them save some money. Keeping this in mind, Wholesale Miles, Inc. provides American Airlines Miles to its customers at reduced prices. People who want to buy American Airline Miles can do so by contacting the company. Those having enough Airlines Miles in their account can get a chance to enjoy either a free flight ticket or an upgrade to a first class or business class seat on the next flight with the company. Offers Business Class Flights to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most beautiful cities in South Asia and also one of the most visited. For travellers who wish to visit Bangkok, is providing cheap Business Class Flights to Bangkok. The country offers an amazing experience for every guest. This place is perfect for people who are looking for top notch entertainment, incredible local cuisine, temples, and floating markets. The agency provides only the best flight deals for those seeking a first class experience in this vibrant city. Using the industry's best technology, the agency has access to awesome deals that they offer to their customers within their budget. Individuals can thoroughly enjoy their time in Bangkok by planning their trip with

Second Annual "Running of the Trolley" on 30A

LogoOn May 23rd, Florida's South Walton County once again welcomed. Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine's community transportation program, the 30A Trolley. Affectionately known as the Turtle Express, this free transportation program is privately funded by local business leaders dedicated to changing the car-centric culture of the area. John Finch, Sunshine's Owner, sees this as a positive continuation from last year's inaugural run, and a natural expansion of the program along the western portion of 30A. "Last year we ran a very successful pilot program, covering just 6 miles of 30A. This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, we've expanded the route from Seaside to the westernmost housing development, Cypress Dunes," Finch said. "The leaders we've worked with know that investing in a system will benefit everybody, not just their businesses and communities. Everyone benefits from this positive change."

Your Koh Samui Villas Announces It Now Has over 250 Villas Available for Rent on

Koh Samui is Thailand's second largest island and one of its most sought after tourist destinations, as well as a popular spot for honeymoons. Sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees, as well as an impressive tourist infrastructure, make it one of the best places to experience an island paradise. As a result, villas are in high demand, and securing one can be difficult for those looking to organize their travel independently rather than through a package deal. is a website designed to help people do just that, and has just passed a major milestone with more than 250 properties listed.

LyftGyft Offers Free Rides with Promo Codes

LyftGyft is one of the most popular websites on the Internet for finding promotions and discounts for the rideshare program Lyft as well as other rideshare programs such as Uber and Sidecar.  Now, the website is offering a verified Lyft referral code valid for new users in 2015.  When rideshare users enter the referral code GYFTME, they will receive a $20 in-app credit toward their first ride using the Lyft app.

NYC Grand Central Terminal Where Ghostly Hauntings Begin

Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the "Ghost Doctors" are definitely right on track when tracking down a ghost or two in New York's Grand Central Terminal.

Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays Announces New Golf Tournament Packages

According to, tickets to the Masters typically remain the second most difficult tickets to obtain in sports, coming in second only behind the Super Bowl. This is only one of the major golf tournaments individuals wish to see in person, yet getting tickets often can be hard, whether one wishes to attend the British Open or the Ryder Cup rather than the Masters. When one wishes to obtain tickets to these or any major golfing event, Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays is the place to head.

The Pierhouse Hotel Takes Hotel Management to the Next Level with Roommaster Pms

NFS Technology Group's roomMaster is the hotel management system of choice for luxury hotel and seafood restaurant, The Pierhouse to ensure the smooth running of hotel operations as well as the restaurant and bar facilities. on the Controversies and Their Advocacy to Curb Hotel Racism

LogoToday, the hotel industry has been one of the booming businesses all over the world as lots and lots of people travel and explore other parts of the globe. Running a hotel business is no easy job as people from all races and nationalities are their clientele. For hotel personnel, this is really difficult as people from other nations have diverse and sometimes bizarre preferences, making it really daunting to meet their every whims and need.

Marble Master UK Wins Contract to Handle Stonemasonry at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5

Marble has been one of the most luxurious surfaces in homes and public buildings since the time of the ancient Greeks, and is still used today thanks to its heritage and unique properties. Marble is not diamond however, and must be cleaned, maintained and even repaired to look its best after constant wear. Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and Terminal 5 is decked in huge swathes of marble, terrazzo and travertine. Marble Master UK has just secured the contract to clean and repair this epic site. Offers the Best Hotel Accommodation with Great Food and Drinks Choices

LogoHarsh winter months, mountainous paper works, and deadlines, as well as peer pressures, are some of the things that most people wants to get away from. It cannot be denied that because of the sedentary lifestyle of people and hectic work schedule, inch by inch they lose their will to live since they have to work hard just to cope up with their needs - as if they are living just to pay the bills. However, whenever summer is about to kick off, the spirits of the people are slowly rejuvenated, because for a little vacation on hotels in Lake District, they will be able to trade their snow boots, corporate suits and angry bosses for flipflops, friends and plans for a great vacation getaway.

Isla Mujeres Vacations Creates New Section on Deep Sea Fishing Tours for Those Looking for a Big Catch

Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, just off the Yucatán Peninsula coast. Home to just over 12,000 people, it is a thriving community and a popular destination for tourists. Those new to South America however may not be aware of all it has to offer, and can miss out on many of the delights known to natives as a result. This need no longer be the case, as a group of natives have created the Isla Mujeres Vacations website, which offers individuals worldwide the best kept secrets of locals. They have just created a new section on deep sea fishing.

Roland Dickey Jr. Comments on Smoke Stack Big Data Approach to Business Improvement

IBM has predicted that big data will be the biggest boom industry of the decade, worth billions of dollars by 2020. This is because the capability to analyze every single behavior has been made possible by computers able to record the data and processors powerful enough to analyze it. Many businesses are considering the potential of Big Data, and Dickey's BARBECUE CEO Roland Dickey Jr. is an early advocate, having overseen the design of a custom big data engine to analyze the opportunities for growth within his Texas barbeque franchise. Dickey Jr. claims it will be a gateway to new prosperity and growth for one of the fastest growing chains in the US.

Boston Executive Limo Service Introduce Logan Airport Transfer Service to Start and End Journeys in Style

Boston is a thriving city, and its business elite live highly scheduled lifestyles that leave little room for dead time like driving. As a result, there are many occasions when individuals want to make the most of travel time by booking a chauffeur driven limo service. Many companies offer such a service but none carry passengers in quite so much style as Boston Executive Limo Service. They have just expanded their service provisions to include airport transfers to and from Logan airport to anywhere in Boston and the surrounding areas.

A Queen Limousine Announces the Re-Launch of Their Website

LogoTimes change, it is one of life's inevitable truths. Fortunately, that isn't a bad thing – change can bring new, refreshing views, products, services and innovations that make life interesting and send a jolt of energy throughout the economy and population. Trying to rebel against it won't stop it – it will only create stress, and in the business world, allow leaders of the pack to emerge while the stubborn companies fighting it fade into the background. Showing that they are fully adaptable to their guests' needs and preferences, A Queen Limousine has completely re-launched their website.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Offers Apartment Accommodation in Melbourne for the Month of June

LogoWith the onset of winters, the city of Melbourne is hosting a number of festivals and events. From expos and music concerts to art and exhibition, there are lot of things to experience in the city. Established as one of the leading providers of luxurious yet cheap accommodation, City Edge Apartment Hotels now announces opening of apartment accommodation in Melbourne for the month of June. Travellers can attend Good Food and Wine Shows, Melbourne International Singers Festival, Melbourne Boat Show and many other events.

Gatwick Airport Car Parking Expert Issues Important Advice on Traveling to Greece has received a large number of emails from worried holidaymakers regarding the economic crisis in Greece. The travel experts who help people find cheap car parking at Gatwick Airport and other airports around the UK decided to put some important tips together.

Founder of Making Money with George, George Jacobs, Is Excited to Announce the Launch of His New Website Venture

LogoThere are many great kinds of vacations that customers can access through their membership purchased on The vacations include trips that are all over the world, all inclusive, and priced at more affordable rates. There are also different humanitarian trips that people can go on to help them give back to the world. The website also offers a system where you can travel and make money at the same time by referring friends and getting a wide community of customers to join the World Ventures travel club.

NYC Central Park and the Ancient Astronauts

If one is a fan of ancient astronauts, UFOs, alien encounters, then Central Park is definitely New York' spaceport for one heck of an extraterrestrial adventure. And now Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the "Ghost Doctors" are leading groups of UFO adventurers on what's bound to be one far out experience. In fact, NYC's Central Park sets the scene for one of this tour's close encounters that took place over 3400 years ago. Now Leasing for Disney World Home Rentals in Orlando, Florida

Individuals in search of a home away from home in Florida can find the perfect Disney World home rental at is a luxury retreat rental home leasing company that offers a wide range of relaxing properties in Orlando, Florida. The rental homes are conveniently located only minutes from the state's biggest attractions, such as International Drive, Osceola Square Mall, Sea World, Lake Buena Vista, and more. The company is pleased to announce that it has numerous rental homes available for lease. Renters are invited to contact the company to inquire about the luxury retreat homes currently available.

Rainer's Bavarian Grill Is Sure to Stand Out

Stefan Schenkelberg may be devastated by the recent loss of two family members but he is moving forward with plans to open a unique take-away food business in London.

"Chef on Wheels" Offers Fast Food Delivery in Sochi

Logo"Chef On Wheels" is the online project that was created with customers' comfort in mind. This is the place where anyone can order favorite dishes and get them delivered to any place absolutely for free! This helps save both time and money, thus getting pleasure from the taste, freshness and quality of food ordered.

1300Fridge Launches Equipment Care Campaign in Support of Perth Food Service Sector

According to statistics from the food service industry, restaurants spend between $5,000 and $100,000 on food each month depending on the size and nature of the establishment in question. Much of this sum is allotted to perishable items relying on properly functioning refrigeration systems to keep them marketable. In light of the potential losses resulting from malfunctioning commercial refrigeration appliances among these types of businesses, Darren Dwyer of 1300Fridge has launched a campaign to educate owners and managers of such organizations on the importance of equipment maintenance.

Introducing TravelStarter – A New Crowdfunding Platform for Tourism

TravelStarter is a new and innovative crowdfunding platform for the tourism industry. It helps small businesses raise cash while also giving tourists authentic and unique travel experiences. The site works in a similar way to other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter, except that the rewards offered are unforgettable travel experiences like staying in an eco-B&B in the jungle, whale-watching trips on the Pacific Ocean and having a professional chef cook for you for a week. TravelStarter puts tourists in direct contact with the tourism projects they want to support, and allows them to experience these projects first-hand.